Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Upcoming Presentation: An Introduction to Ubuntu Studio

An Introduction to Ubuntu Studio
presented by the Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo community
Nov 21st at 2pm

This coming Saturday, Ubuntu Vancouver warmly invites you to learn about the free and open source multimedia production software in the Ubuntu Studio operating system ( http://ubuntustudio.org ). Ubuntu is the world's most popular Linux/GNU distribution and Ubuntu Studio is an official derivative that's designed specifically to help Audio, Video, and Graphic artists. This free community-organized information session will cover all the basic information about Ubuntu Studio, the multimedia creation software it contains, how to learn more, and how artists utilize the software on a daily basis. Many of the applications also work on windows and mac operating systems, so all operating system users are welcome and encouraged to attend. Some Ubuntu Studio installation discs will be available.

This event is presented purely by volunteers and will take place on Nov21st at 2pm in Vancouver. Further information is available at http://is.gd/4Xfmq (the event page) and at http://is.gd/4Mihd (the agenda page). It would be nice (for organizational purposes) if attendees could RSVP at http://is.gd/4Xfmq but it's not required.

Audio artists will find Ardour (a professional DAW), LADSPA plugins, Hydrogen (a drum machine), Denemo (a notation editor based on the lilypond score language), Mixxx (DJ software), PureData (a multimedia programming environment), Audacity (an audio editor), and SooperLooper (a live looping program) particularly interesting - to name just a handful of the free programs installed.
Video artists will find Kino (a DV editor), Blender (a video editor and 3D compositor), and Stopmotion (a stop-motion animation program) quite useful and interesting.
Graphic artists will find Gimp (a bitmap editor - similar to photoshop), Inkscape (a vector graphics editor), Blender (a 3D compositor), Scribus (Desktop publishing software), Agave (a colour pallet tool), and a number of font editing tools and free fonts to be very helpful.

The presentation is expected to take just over an hour, and will include local users and developers of Ubuntu Studio sharing their knowledge, and answering your questions. If you're unable to attend but would like to learn more about Ubuntu Studio, a video recording of this session is planned - I will post the link to this video once it's uploaded. Thanks for your time.


Bugs Bane said...
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Bugs Bane said...

First up,

Thanks for taking the time to help get the word out, and enlighten people that a freedom based os can be as creative as any other.

I do have to ask why for video you're focusing on Kino?! Even Kino's own maintainer has moved permanently to working on MLT which powers Kdenlive and Openshot. Why not show off one of these two much more modern video editors that can handle more than one file format?

While I wasn't a fan of the old 1.6 versions, I'd really suggest checking out what's happening with Krita (http://krita.org) these days as well. Unusual new tools like the filter brush and various painttops are really worth looking at. Just be aware that unlike Gimp, much of the power is in the brushes dropdown, not the toolbar.

Anyway, thanks again. Hope your event goes awesome and you all have a great time!

Cris said...

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morleytuttle said...

Darn, I wish I hadn't missed this. I'm on the BC coast now, in the Ubuntu Meetup group. Hopefully I'll be able to help pick up where this event left off with the Meetup and the LoCo (haven't dug that one up yet). Glad you're still in the game, bro.